What is Adler's Proteiner?

Adler's Proteiner - Superfood for Healthy Lifestyle

Do you want to prepare your favourite meals and traditional dishes in a healthier way, and still with gourmet taste and excellent quality?

Do you want to reduce fats, sugars, cholesterol, and total calories and still enjoy a delicious meal?

Do you want to enrich your diet by a high-quality complete protein?

Do you want to taste a delicious hazelnut chocolate spread without unhealthy sugar and palm oil?

Do you prefer sausages or burgers without unnecessary fats?


Here you can find important information on what Proteiner is, how it is produced and used in recipes, where you can buy it, and which Proteiner products you can find at the market.

What is Adler's Proteiner?

Proteiner is a nutritious food based on egg white for healthy lifestyle with excellent nutritional values and enormous possibilities to be incorporated in any recipes or used in the production of foodstuffs.

Proteiner is produced from pure egg white, using unique, patented technology, without adding any chemicals and preservatives.

The manufacturing process allows enriching Proteiner by nutritious substances (e.g. fibre, non-saturated fatty acids) as well as by various spices in order to reach different flavours and increase the possibilities of use in meal preparation. 

Proteiner is a fully substantial food with a naturally high content of high-quality complete protein, but without fats, cholesterol, and gluten, and with a minimum of carbohydrates and low energetic value.

Adler’s Proteiner has naturally unique nutritional values:

  • HIGH in Protein
  • NO Fat
  • NO Cholesterol
  • NO Gluten
  • LOW in Carbohydrates

Adler’s Proteiner contains:

  • NO Added Preservatives
  • NO Artificial Flavours or Colours
  • NO Sugars !!!!

Adler’s Proteiner is:

  • Ready-to-Eat
  • Easy-to-Digest
  • High-Protein Alternative to Meat or Sweets
  • Extra Nutritional Enrichment to any Meal !!
  • Always a Healthy Choice !!!

Thanks to the variety Adler’s Proteiner products can offer, you can eat it daily, without getting tired of eating all the same things, to improve and enrich your traditional recipes and to turn them into healthy ones.

Adler’s Proteiner products include natural, sweet, spicy or flavoured slices, Slim noodles or products containing Proteiner like Sausages, Burgers or Proteinella Hazelnut Cocoa Spread.

Adler’s Proteiner with these flavours:

Other Products:

Nutritional values of proteiner

Adler’s Proteiner has excellent nutritional values (per 100g):

Protein 14 g
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrate 2.6 g
Sugars 0 g
Cholesterol 0 g
Fibre 2.5 g
Energetic Value 282 kJ


Proteiner is a nutritious food with a high content of a high-quality and easy-to digest complete protein, naturally with a minimum of fats, sugars, cholesterol, gluten, thus maintaining a low energetic value.

  • Highly nutritious
  • Low energetic value
  • Natural protein food
  • Contains complete protein
  • Easy-to-digest

Complete protein" is protein that contains balanced amounts of all nine essentials amino acids, which our body can’t produce on its own.

  • No Fat
  • No Sugars
  • No Gluten
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Added Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Artificial Flavours


  • It is good for diabetics as well as celiac
  • It is liked by seniors as well as children
  • It is popular with professionals in fitness and wellness
  • It is recommended by nutritional specialists for everyone who wants to improve their diet.

“For a balanced diet I always recommend to start the day with a higher amount of protein than what we are used to, so adding Proteiner is the easiest option to turn any meal into a highly nutritious one, while maintaining low energetic intake.”           Šárka Dědková, nutritional specialist

How to use Adler's Proteiner?

Proteiner flavoured slices can be used immediately or can be further processed in various recipes, thus enriching them by high-quality complete protein, while reducing fats and sugars and reducing the total energetic value.   

Proteiner is great for any meal preparation and it can be added to a wide range of common and traditional meals, without altering their typical taste, smell and consistency.

How is Proteiner produced?

Proteiner is produced from  pure egg white, using unique, patented technology without adding any chemicals and preservatives.

The manufacturing process allows enriching Proteiner by nutritious substances (e.g. fibre, non-saturated fatty acids) as well as by various spices in order to reach different flavours and increase the possibilities of use in meal preparation.

It is vacuum-packed and subjected to heat treatment at 95 oC.

It is stored at temperatures between 2 oC and 8 oC.